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My datafeed has been rejected. What is wrong with it and how should I correct it?

These are some reasons that may cause the rejection of the datafeed:

- The value specified for the "Upload URL" is not valid. The link is broken, it takes to the site or to a page that is not a valid datafeed;
- Fields are not in the correct order mentioned in the specifications of the datafeed (Category | Manufacturer | Model | Merchant Code | Product Name | Product Description | Product URL | Product Image URL | Price | Currency);
- If your site is based on a certain structure osCommerce/ZenCart/Virtuemart/CsCart/xCart you have to make sure you download the corresponding script and that you place it in the same location with the rest of the site's files;
- There are errors in the output because of the characters that break the lines of the products. Before introducing all the products in the datafeed you need to eliminate all tabs, new lines and pipes (|). For the osCommerce/ZenCart/Virtuemart/CsCart/xCart scripts, the problem has already been taken care of;
- The datafeed exceeds the size of 20 Mb and the maximum number of products that can be listed (3 000). You will have to limit the output in order to have the specified sizes or get a premium listing package.

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