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Although the datafeed is being daily updated, the prices on ShopMania differ from the ones on my site. What is going on?

These are some of the reasons that may trigger differences of prices:

- The updating of the datafeed is being made after the ShopMania Bot extracts the information. In this case we recommend you to make changes on your site before midnight so they would be correctly displayed the next day;
- Prices in the datafeed are expressed in foreign currency and the exchange rates used by the 2 sites (your site and ShopMania) differ. In this case we recommend you to use in the datafeed the prices expressed in the currency that you use on your site;
- You did not include in the prices displayed in the datafeed all the taxes that you apply on your site. In this case please solve the problem as soon as possible because repeated notices of this matter will take to the suspension of your account.

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