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What do the download image errors from the Product stats page refer to?

The download image errors that can appear in the Product Stats page indicate the type of problems that have occurred during the image processing. These are the errors that can show up:

- Image is too small - the image size is smaller than 220x220 pixels;

- Image could not be downloaded - there are a number of reasons for this error: the file is corrupted, there are download restrictions enabled, SSL certificate errors, timeout errors, the image URL redirects to another image or there are some errors in your server settings. Verify this error with your development team;

- Not an image - the image was downloaded, but the file’s format is not a specific image format. This error can appear when the downloaded file is a HTML page or a HTML page with several errors (404, 403) or if the downloaded file doesn't have a specific image format (GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIF);

- Image rejected - it applies to no photo images or if your images infringe copyrights or violate the law;

- Image conversion failed - the image was downloaded, but some errors occurred when it was processed and resized. This error can occur if the file is corrupted, incomplete or if the product in the image after it was resized is too small.

If the errors have been resolved, you have to click the Delete all button located alongside the download image errors. The rejected images will then be downloaded during the next datafeed processing. For more details, please contact us directly by email at support@shopmania.com

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