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How can I set the availability for my products?

In order for the product availability information to be displayed in your listing, you first need to include the Availability field in your product datafeed.

If you are using a datafeed in a txt/CSV format, the availability info should be added by keeping the following order:
category with full path | manufacturer | part number | merchant product code | product name | description | product URL | image URL | price | currency | shipping price | availability | GTIN (UPC/EAN/ISBN)

If you are using a XML type file the availability values should be added in a specific tag, for example: <Availability>In stock</Availability>.

The Availability field can have 4 possible values in the ShopMania system: In stock, Available for order, Out of stock, Preorder.

If your datafeed file contains other values for indicating the availability of the products, please access the Settings - Product availability settings page to match your values to the ones used in the ShopMania system. You can set the same ShopMania value for several values from your datafeed. If you haven't matched one or more values from your datafeed, then these will not be displayed on the website.

For an accurate availability matching, below you can see what each value represents in our system:

- In stock: include this value if you are certain that the product will ship (or be in-transit to the customer) in 3 business days or less. For example, if you have the item available in your warehouse.
- Available for order: include this value if it will take 4 or more business days to ship the product to the customer. For example, if you don’t have it in your warehouse at the moment, but are sure that it will arrive in the next few days. For unreleased products, use the value Preorder.
- Out of stock: you’re currently not accepting orders for this product.
- Preorder: you are taking orders for this product, but it’s not yet been released.

The product availability is displayed on the ShopMania site in the product page, beside your store's offer.

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