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How can I change the category structure?

The system includes two ways for structuring the categories: the automatic generation of your category structure and the manual grouping of the categories. In both cases, the categories can be grouped on a maximum of 3 levels.

1. The automatic generation of the category structure instantly organizes the category path, for example Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories, into a tree structure, based on categories and subcategories. By using the automated generation, the initial category Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories will be turned into the tree structure presented below, without any other actions required on your part:

    Digital Cameras

In order for the automatic generation of the tree structure to be possible, you must use the / separator for naming the categories in your datafeed file.

2. The manual grouping of the categories involves the break down of the category path, for example Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories, into a tree structure, through a manual process. In order to generate the grouping by categories and subcategories, you must manually create the categories that do not actually contain products and that stand for the top levels of the structure. You will then need to rename the initial category path to what the last level of the structure is called.

In the case of the path Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories, you must first create the categories Photo&Video and Digital Cameras and then rename the path Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories to Accessories.

You must use the drag&drop option to generate the tree structure. Click on the category that you wish to turn into a subcategory and drag it under the category that you want to set as parent. When the category is ready to be turned into a subcategory, you will see a symbol displayed on the left side, consisting of a grey arrow.

The deletion of the categories can only be performed for the newly created categories that are meant to group your category structure. The categories that are imported from your datafeed file cannot be deleted, no matter how they have been renamed or on what structure level they have been placed. This allows you to make any changes to your categories without affecting the listing of your products on ShopMania and you can also reset all changes at any time and resume the process.

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