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What is the category structure used for?

The category tree structure is used in your Facebook shop.

Initially the categories are displayed in the same way as in the product datafeed file and they only contain a single category level, for example Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories. It is possible that the format in which your categories are imported from the datafeed file may not allow users to browse easily enough through your product catalog. This is why we have created a set of tools for optimizing your category structure.

With the help of the options available in the Categories Management page, you can organize your category structure on several levels (maximum 3), you can use alternative names for your categories and subcategories and you can create new categories and subcategories for your products (the categories that you create are only meant to group the existing categories and cannot contain products).

By using the category structuring options, the category Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories can be turned into the following tree structure:

    Digital Cameras

In the tree structure presented above, the Accessories category will contain the products that were initially included in the category Photo&Video / Digital Cameras / Accessories. The mapping on the initial categories is preserved no matter the changes that have been made, which means that your product listing on ShopMania will not be affected.

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