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How does the application for creating a Facebook shop work?

The ShopMania Social Cart application allows you to create your own Facebook shop on the pages that you own or manage. The ShopMania Social Cart application can only be installed on Facebook Business pages, not on personal profile pages.

By installing the application, a connection is established between your ShopMania and your Facebook accounts. You cannot connect a ShopMania account to several Facebook user accounts. If you wish to connect your ShopMania account to a different Facebook account, you must completely remove the application from the account on which it has been initially installed. The complete removal of the application can be done on Facebook, from the Account > Privacy Settings section.

Your Facebook shop can be simultaneously placed on several pages, but only if these pages are managed from a single Facebook user account. If you manage several shops with your ShopMania account, you will have the option to select the shop for which you wish to generate a Facebook shop.

In order to install the application, you need to follow a few simple steps. Please access the link below to install the ShopMania Social Cart application:

After accessing the application page on Facebook, you will need to enter the credentials to your ShopMania account and then select the online shop for which you want to generate a Facebook shop and the Facebook page where you wish to display the shop.

At the moment, when someone clicks on one of the products from your Facebook shop, that user will be directed to your online shop, where the actual purchase takes place.

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